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Comcast webmail – sign in at your email account

Comcast webmail - sign in at your email account

Comcast webmail allows you to access the email account from any computer located anywhere in the world. All that’s required is a web browser and an active internet connection (and this doesn’t have to be one from Comcast). Though you can also download Comcast email and store them on your computer using an email program, webmail is probably the easiest method of checking email.

Accessing Comcast webmail interface – sign in at your account

At the time of writing, there are two ways to sign in at Comcast webmail. The easier option is to load the Comcast login page, type in the username and password in the respective fields and click the sign in button.

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An alternate method is to first visit the Comcast.net portal, locate the email/mail link and proceed from there.
Comcast webmail link – login.comcast.net/login.

Comcast sign in page - enter username and password

Type in your username (or the full email address) and the password in the fields provided. Decipher and and enter the letters displayed in the animated puzzle and hit the “Sign in” button.
Note: Do not check the “Keep me signed in” option when using Comcast webmail from a public computer such as one in an Internet cafe or a library.

Using the Comcast webmail interface

The Comcast webmail is simple and non-intrusive. The interface is intuitively designed allowing even beginners to use the email account with ease. One can read, send and organize messages via the webmail interface.

The Comcast webmail interface is divided into two panes. The one of the left has the list of folders and links to frequently used sections such as “Preferences“. The large right pane shows the list of email in the selected folder and the message contents.

Comcast webmail interface - screenshot

To create a new message, click the large “Compose” button at the top. Type in the email address of the recipient, the message subject and finally the contents. Hit “Send” to dispatch the email.

Conclusion: Comcast webmail interface allows even beginners to work on the email account. It also allows you to get Comcast email on another computer… assuming the machine is connected to the net.

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