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I have been using a Comcast email on a Windows XP desktop. How can I set up the same on my Windows 7 laptop? Someone told me that I need to put in Comcast incoming and outgoing mail servers. What are these? Can my email to be accessed from both these computers – is that possible? Apologies for all these questions but I am quite confused as to what has to be done.
David W. Anderon

I’ve come to know with experience that some people can get quite baffled when faced with new technologies or programs. This is, but, natural. Not everyone is expected to know everything. In fact, those who ask questions unabashedly end up being wiser!

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Though he doesn’t mention it, I assume David had been using Outlook Express for the Comcast email account on the old Windows XP computer. Here are quick answers to his queries.

What are the Comcast incoming and outgoing email server?

The Comcast mail servers (incoming and outgoing) are required for setting up your email account through POP (Post Office Protocol). Since most, if not all, clients support this email protocol, you can download and store Comcast email messages in all popular email programs such as Outlook Express (XP), Windows Mail (Vista), Windows Live Mail (XP, Vista or Windows 7), Thunderbird etc.

Transfer Comcast email to new computer

Assuming you had Outlook Express on the old XP machine, just take the help of import and export functions to quickly move email to a new Windows 7 computer. Below are links to articles that carry step by step instructions with screenshots.

Windows Mail users who are shifting to a Windows 7 machine can find similar articles in the Windows Live Mail section.

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