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Chrome browser security issues

Chrome browser security issues

Chrome, the free web browser from Google, is supposed to be more secure, protecting you from “bad-internet-neighbourhoods” and malicious attacks – at least that is what Google claims. I got the taste of Chrome’s security measures a couple of days back when I was idly surfing the web.

I had downloaded and installed Chrome a few days after its launch (2nd of September 2008), had a quick look and simply forgotten about it. It was just one more software tucked away snugly on my computer. After reading Matt Cutts’ blog post, I made it a point to use the Chrome browser for a few days. And soon I was in love with the program. – I’ve written about this in another article so I don’t want to repeat here.

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Anyway, coming back to the topic -while leisurely surfing the web the other day, the Chrome browser workspace changed to a deep warning red color with an eye catching notification. Displayed in very large font size were the words “Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!. The cautionary advice went on to explain that the offending web site had elements from the site hosttracker.net and just visiting the site can infect my system with malware. Check the image below.

Chrome malware warning - an increased security measure

I was quite surprised with this notification (gave myself a pat on the back for shifting to the Google web browser) because I knew it was not from my anti-virus program (Symantec) but the warning came from Google Chrome . It’s touted to be a safer web browser and it indeed is! By the way, relying on my anti-virus software, I checked the web site with the three other browsers that I have on my computer – Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. Each of these programs loaded the web site without any problem – no warning… no notice… no nothing!

Though it was Chrome’s simple interface that made me fall in love with it (no annoying toolbars and buttons that one never uses), its functionality and powerful under-the-hood features are what impressed me the most. Google know they are in a tough market but with Chrome they have a clear winner and a staunch supporter in me!

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