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How do I check typing speed?

How do I check typing speed?

If you have a few of minutes to spare and want to check your typing speed, head off to the Speedtest at 10-Fast-fingers.com. The service is free and shows you one sentence at a time which needs to be typed in the blank field. The stopwatch on the left will start the countdown once you enter the first letter.

Maybe that’s the way it’s meant to be, but I didn’t like the nonsensical sentences the service displays. I would have rather liked real world meaningful sentences. Anyway, who am I to judge when I got a not-so-high-score of 58 words per minute? Though I never “properly” learnt how to type, checking my typing speed at this speed test was quite an eyeopener – I didn’t realize I was not good (read “bad”) at this.

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You are also provided with a bit of HTML code that you can paste on your web site. It displays a sort of certificate. Actually, you can manipulate this code to reflect any number you want. On the whole this Speedtest is a nice resource, no doubts! And by the way, for a more accurate check of your typing speed, take the test a few times and average out the results.

Can you type faster than Freddie?

Freddie Wong challenges you to take him on at typing with a passage from Sherlock Holmes (the book). Agreed he has the nifty and expensive Razer BlackWidow, but you may have something better! Anyway, I find the rankings he gives at the end hilarious.

Words/min Rank
27 Grasshopper
38 Neophyte
59 Apprentice
67 Word Bachelor
81 Typeknight
91 Beserker
99 Keydervish
106 Mavis Deacon
111 Fingerking

Freddie Wong - Can you beat him in typing?

TheReplyGirl on YouTube.comWhich word was I on? It was “ridiculously” and that makes me an Apprentice. The reason: I was distracted by TheReplyGirl’s thumbnail on the left.

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