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Hotmail in Arabic – change to English

Hotmail in Arabic - change to English

How do I get my email account back in English? I had to fight to get my account and then it comes up in what looks like Arabic. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Gary Purcell

If your account looks like Slide 3 (below), God, I understand how frustrated you are! Take a deep breath and relax. Following are instructions along with screenshots on how to get your Hotmail email account back to the familiar English language.

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Switch to English from Arabic in Hotmail

The screenshots below have been worked in Internet Explorer and I assume you would be using the same web browser. And on this note, if you were employing Google Chrome, you wouldn’t have been so irritated; anyway, more on this later.

  • Safety options in Internet Explorer
  • Delete Internet Explorer web browser history, cache and temporary internet files
  • Hotmail appears in Arabic
  • Click on your name
  • Go to the languages page
  • Hotmail languages page
  • Select the English language
  • Click the Save button
  • Hotmail email account now appears in English
  • Windows Live home page
  1. The first step is to delete the browser cache – the files and information stored on your computer by the web browser program. Why is this step necessary? Since I don’t know exactly what’s forcing your account to be shown in Arabic, it’s best to start with a clean slate.
  2. Launch the web browser, click the small “gear” icon to the right and select “Delete browsing history” from the “Safety” menu [Slide 1].
  3. You now get a pop-up with many options. Making sure “Temporary Internet Files“, “Cookies” and “History” are checked, click “Delete” [Slide 2].
  4. Once that it done, log in at your Hotmail account which should be come up in Arabic (or a similar language that goes from right to left) [Slide 3]. I know, I know; it sure looks messed up.
  5. Click on your name which should be at the left and select the last option from the menu [Slide 4].
  6. On the next page, click the last link in the first column (from the right) – refer the screenshot in case of doubt. You can confirm this by keeping the mouse cursor over the link to get the web address of the page to which it points. The web address will be shown at the bottom left and has the word “language” [Slide 5].
  7. You would now come to the page on which you can change the language in which Hotmail is displayed [Slide 6]. Select English [Slide 7] which is in the first column (from the left) and click the “Save” button as shown in Slide 8.
  8. That’s it! The language on your Hotmail will revert to English from Arabic [Slide 9].
  9. To confirm, load the Windows Live Home page [Slide 10].

Earlier on in the article, I mentioned the Google Chrome web browser. I have been using this program for many years and have found it not only fast but extremely user-friendly. So what does this got to do with your problem? Well, if you were on Chrome and loaded a web page in which the language was Arabic, the program would have offered to translate the page which could have saved you a lot of frustration. Download Google Chrome and give it a try.

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  • Islam Zizi on July 1st, 2016 8:38 pm

    Heyo! thanks a ton

  • ahmed batteche on August 6th, 2016 10:42 pm

    good i found this

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