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Change email address for Outlook Express?

Change email address for Outlook Express?

This article is in response to a doubt some people have regarding Outlook Express. Only yesterday I was posed this question (again); this time from Susan who asked: “Do I need to change my email address for Outlook Express?” The answer is a vehement NO!

Outlook Express is an email program also known as an email client (in techie language). Its main function is email management which includes collecting messages from online email accounts and storing them on your computer. It also lets you compose, send email and organize them in individual folders. Read advantages of Outlook Express and other email clients for details.

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Use the same account – no need to change your email address

Outlook Express is just an email program – it doesn’t “make an email address for you”. You need to use an existing email account with the software. Thus, no change in email address is required. All you need to do it setup and configure the email account (or accounts) you plan to use in Outlook Express.

This also means that if you don’t have an email account you need to create one. You can always get an email address for free from various web based services but probably you already have one setup for you by the I.S.P. – the company that provides the Internet connection at your home/office. Contact them for further information.

Once you get your hands on an email account you need to configure or add it on Outlook Express. This is not a difficult thing to do especially if you follow the step by step instructions on how to setup a new email account on Outlook Express. All you need are the login details of your email account and the POP/IMAP settings which you can get from the service provider.

However, not all email accounts are compatible the Outlook Express program. The prerequisite for an email account to work with Outlook Express is that it should support popular email protocols such as POP or IMAP. For instance, all Gmail accounts are POP3 enabled and so are most of the email accounts provided by ISPs. Please consult with your email service provider for details. If POP or IMAP is available on your account, ask the service provider to furnish the settings which you need to setup the email address in Outlook Express.

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