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How do I change Bigpond email address?

How do I change Bigpond email address?

I’m a Bigpond subscriber and don’t like the username. Is it possible to get another email address – different one, perhaps? How difficult is that and will it involve other adjustments? Also if I change the Bigpond email address what happens to the old one? Will that account still receive emails?
Virginia Burns

Yes you can quickly change your Bigpond email address – it’s quite easy. An email address consists of two parts – the username and the domain name. You can’t change the domain name but you can always chose another username for the Bigpond email address.

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However, before you jump to that please note the following some of which will also answer a few of your other queries.

  • Your Bigpond email address will either be USERNAME@bigpond.com or USERNAME@bigpond.net.au. The first part – the username – is what makes the email address unique.
  • To change your Bigpond email address simply choose another username. You can quickly do this via ‘MyBigPond’ section.
  • You can only get a username if it’s not in use by another subscriber. Thus, the username has to be available
  • If you change the Bigpond email username remember that you would also need to modify the settings of the modem, WAP auto login etc.
  • Once you get a new Bigpond email address, be sure to inform everyone in your contact list – friends, family, colleagues…
  • The old email address will expire if you let go of the username. You would not be able to receive message or even use it. Thus, people who send messages to that email address will probably get message undelivered error.
  • There is also a bigger problem when changing email addresses. If the old username is taken by another subscriber the account will come alive once again and may receive messages that were meant for you!
  • You can, however, prevent this problem by purchasing an additional email box at the Bigpond service. You’ll end up with two email addresses (accounts) but at least you won’t jeopardize your privacy and live in the fear of someone else reading your messages.

How to change a Bigpond email addressConclusion: It’s fairly easy to change your Bigpond email address by taking another username. However, this may give rise to a few problems. For further tips and advice, refer how to change an email address.

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  • Janelle on August 28th, 2011 11:14 am

    We have two email accounts through Bigpond. Our main address (.net.au) and a secondary account (.com) I want to download them seperately ( i.e. mine through Microsoft Outlook; most importantly though stop them from downloading together!) IS THIS POSSIBLE???

  • Manish on August 31st, 2011 8:07 am

    Janelle, yes, that’s possible and fairly easy. Simply set up the email accounts under different Identities or Windows user accounts.

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