Caps Lock – Web humor to drive away Monday blues

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Computer users fall in two categories – people who’ve never used the Caps Lock key and those who have anger management issues! Here are some funny images for the much detested key to drive away those Monday blues. Enjoy the geeky humor.

At some point in life, we’ve all been a victim of this. Passwords being case sensitive are messed up when Caps Lock is on. So if you cannot login at your email account, don’t tear your hair, blame that darn key.

Caps Lock - preventing login since 1980

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The Caps Lock is a toggle key. To vent your anger hit it to switch it on and then smack it once again. Do this whenever you get bored on the computer.

Caps Lock is forever irreversible - oh yes!

Just as shouting doesn’t help, Caps Lock generally turns the other person off.

Caps Lock is not necessary most of the times

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No! Caps Lock doesn’t give you any extra power.

Caps Lock power?

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However, you can warn people not to make you angry!

Don't let them make you use your Caps Lock voice

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If nothing works… you have the right to unleash the fury!

Caps Lock - unleash the fury

And what can I say about my Grandma?

Grandma types email with Caps Lock on

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A-Team - Caps Lock off

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Why is Caps Lock the most hated key?

Yes, Caps Lock MAKES YOU SHOUT. But that’s not the only reason why it’s the most hated key. It’s also completely useless and occupies precious space on the keyboard. Keeping that in mind, the good people at Google didn’t include it on the Chrome book.

No Caps Lock key on the Chrome Book

And have you ever wondered why the Caps Lock is not in all CAPS?

Why is Caps Lock not in all CAPS - Philosoraptor

Here is some further reading if you have time to waste:

The International Caps Lock day

This key is hated and derided so much that it has not one but three days dedicated to it. The International Caps Lock days are 28 June, 22 October and 22 August.

And finally, if all the above hasn’t made you sick till now, you can always change the Caps Lock key to something meaningful. Check out Hotkeys. But before you download and install any program please make sure it’s from a reliable source and not malware. Don’t hold me responsible for it.