Set up BTInternet email account on Windows 7 – Windows Live Mail

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Windows Live Mail is the latest email client from Microsoft and comes as the default email program on Windows 7. FYI, it can be installed on Windows XP and Vista computers too. Even though the program is based on the popular Outlook Express email client (as per Microsoft), message organization and interface of the two are quite different.

To add your BTInternet email account in Windows 7 I recommend using Windows Live Mail – you can actually employ any email client; read the last line in this post. Once the account has been set up on Windows Live Mail, you would be able to download and store email on the local computer. Multiple BT Yahoo accounts can all be added and configured in Windows Live Mail.

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Note: The new email client does not have the Identities feature found in Outlook Express. To get this functionality and segregate the email accounts, create separate User accounts in Windows 7 and then set up each email account in Windows Live Mail.

Set up BT Yahoo on Windows Live Mail – Windows 7

Step by step screenshots are included with the detailed instructions to set up BTInternet email on Windows 7 using Windows Live Mail client– these are presented in the slideshow below.

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  1. Click “Tools” -> “Accounts” – [Slide 1]. If you don’t see the toolbar at the top refer how to get the Windows Live Toolbar for details.
  2. A small pop-up will be displayed – [Slide 2].
  3. Hit the “Add” button which opens another pop-up – [Slide 3].
  4. Click “Email Account” and move to the next screen – [Slide 4].
  5. Type in your full BTInternet email address, the account password and the display name you want – [Slide 5]. Keep “Remember password” checked else you would be prompted for this information each time the Windows Live Mail connects to the online computer to download email.
  6. Provide the BTInternet email settings – incoming and outgoing email servers – as follows [Slide 6]:
    Make sure you enter them correctly or there would be problems in sending and receiving email.
  7. Click the “Finish” button in the next window to complete the process of setting up the BTInternet email on Windows 7 through the Windows Live Mail program [Slide 7].
  8. The program will now connect to the server and immediately begin download email to your computer.

FYI, you can use another email client on Windows 7 instead of Windows Live Mail. Just make sure it supports the POP email protocol.

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