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You can download messages from a BTInternet account to your computer by configuring it in an email client. For this you need the BTInternet email settings, the incoming and outgoing server information, the account username and password. The email servers are required by the client to connect to the server and access the account.

Any email client that uses the Post Office Protocol (POP) can be used for this purpose including the popular Outlook Express (Windows XP), Windows Mail (Vista) or the new Windows Live Mail program on Windows 7.

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Please refer the following links for detailed steps (and screenshots) to set up the account on your computer:

Incoming and Outgoing email server for BT Yahoo email account

The POP email protocol works together with SMTP to receive and send email, respectively. The BTInternet email settings – incoming and outgoing servers – have to be entered correctly else there would be problems in transferring email messages.

Downloading messages and storing them on your computer is just one way to access your email account. The other, and probably the simpler, option is to use the webmail interface on a web browser. Refer BTInternet sign in page to login at your account which lets you check email from any computer as long as it has an active internet connection. And yes, you can employ both these methods without problems once you opt in to leave a copy of the messages once it’s been downloaded by the email client.

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