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Block sender – Hotmail blocked list

Block senders list in Hotmail

Hotmail, like other popular email services, has a neat feature with which you can block a sender. Any messages from these people will automatically be deleted. And there is more. Not only can individual senders be blocked but also entire domains. Thus, if you want to stop receiving email from a particular web site, just add it to the Blocked list at Hotmail.

Please note that though blocking a sender at Hotmail ensures that the unwanted emails do not reach your account, at the time of writing, there is no feature to inform the sender that they have been blocked. But as far as you are concerned, the mission has been accomplished since you will stop receiving annoying emails.

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Using the Blocked list to block senders at Hotmail

The Hotmail Blocked list is very easy to use. Simply add the email address of the sender to the list. To block all email addresses from a particular web site, provide the domain name.

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  1. Login at your Hotmail email account and open the Settings section; select “Options” -> “More options” [Slide 1].
  2. Click “Safe and blocked senders” link… it’s under “Junk e-mail” [Slide 2].
  3. Now click “Blocked senders” [Slide 3].
  4. To block a sender enter the email address in the blank text field and hit the “Add to list” button. You also have the ability to stop receiving email from a particular domain… just type it in the blank box and add it to the list [Slide 4].
  5. To remove an email that has been accidentally added to the blocked list, select it and click “Remove from list” [Slide 5].

Emails from a blocked sender will immediately be deleted and you’ll never get to see them. This, as you will understand, is quite a harsh treatment. If that is what you want, fine!

But if, on the odd occasion, you get an email from some value from the sender, it’s better to employ Hotmail email rules to move them to a designated folder. The messages can, thus, be made to skip the inbox and you can scan them at a later, more convenient time. FYI, the message rules can also be used to flag, forward or delete unwanted email. The choices are plenty… choose what suits your requirement.

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