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Bigpond email

Bigpond email

Bigpond, the popular ISP, provides an email account to subscribers of their internet access plans. This email address will either be USERNAME@bigpong.com or USERNAME@bigpond.net.au.

As you can understand, it’s the username part of the email that makes the address unique as no two people can have the same email address. Please note: you cannot change the domain name part of the Bigpond email address. Anyway, an ISP email account has some advantages over free services like Gmail, Hotmail (now Outlook.com) and Yahoo!

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Your email account at Bigpond

Unlike other service providers, Bigpond offers only one free email account. However, the provision is provided to procure more if you so need – more on this below.

  • Each Bigpond email comes with 1GB of online storage space. This isn’t much especially if you are in the habit of exchanging messages with large file attachments. But help is at hand…
  • Messages can be downloaded from the Bigpond servers and stored at your local computer using email programs such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook etc. Email will then be available even without a live internet connection. Also, you wouldn’t be troubled by regular “mailbox full” alerts if the messages are transferred from the server to the local computer.
  • It’s also a good idea to download Bigpond email to your machine as the service will delete messages after 180 days.
  • However, if you are a frequent traveller and need to access your messages via the Bigpond webmail interface, be sure to move the messages to a personal folder to avoid automatic deletion.
  • You can also quickly change the Bigpond email address as long as the new username you’ve chosen is available. Please remember that if you do this, the old email address will no longer work. A more elegant solution is to get a second email account from Bigpond.

Accessing Bigpond email account

There are two ways a Bigpond email can be accessed – webmail and an email program.

MyConnect is the name of Bigpond webmail application through which you can also check your online address book (contacts), calendar, tasks, notes etc. The webmail interface can be loaded on any computer as long as it has a web browser and a live internet connection. If you have multiple Bigpond email boxes, all of these can be accessed via MyConnect.

You can also download and store Bigpond email messages on your local machine using an email client. Below are links to pages that have instructions on how to set up the email account in two popular programs.

Conclusion: though there are perils in using an email account from an ISP, if you are new to technology, I suggest that you give Bigpond email a try. At least you shall get personalized help when you get stuck.

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