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How do I add Bcc to Windows Mail Vista?

How do I add Bcc to Windows Mail Vista?

Windows Mail is the free email client that comes with the Vista operating system. It is based on Outlook Express and can be considered the latest version of the software (Outlook Express 7?) though it has a few added features including automated Junk e-mail filtering, easy search and a nice looking interface. This article discusses how you can turn on the Bcc column in Windows Mail and its usage.

Bcc (Blind carbon copy) helps you send an email message to multiple recipients. The difference between Cc and Bcc is that with the latter, the email address of the recipients are hidden from each other.

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On Windows Mail Vista, when you create a new message the Bcc column is not displayed by default. Once you turn it on, the change will apply to all new messages that you create henceforth.

Add Bcc column to email messages in Windows Mail

Bcc or Blind carbon copy lets you to send emails to or more people without the recipients knowing about each other. This is different from Cc (or Carbon copy) wherein the recipients can easily see all the people to whom the email message has been sent.

Importance and usage of Bcc

Though not readily apparent and seldom used, the Bcc is a neat feature because it hides the email addresses of recipients from each other. So, if you want to send out messages to two or more people but don’t want them to know that the email has been sent to multiple recipients, use Bcc. Thus, Bcc can be employed in sending emails in bulk.

The Bcc can also be “exploited” to send greetings or festive messages, for instance. Instead of adding all recipients email addresses in the Cc field, put them in Bcc. The message will seemingly be more personalized.

You can also employ Outlook Express to send bulk emails in which case we use Bcc as well as Contact Groups to ease the process.

Switching on Bcc on Windows Mail

Click on the “Create Mail” button to have the New Message window displayed. Now, on this window, go to the “View” menu and select “All Headers”.

Windows Mail Bcc column for email messages

The Bcc will appear and you can add the recipients email addresses separated with commas.

FYI, Windows Mail has been replaced with Windows Live Mail which is again a 100% free email client and is available for download from the Microsoft web site. You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of both Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail, though I personally prefer the latest software.

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