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The free automatic search engine submissions services listed on this page are simply to help you get started with search engine submission process. By the by, these submission services do not guarantee the placement of your web site in search engines and they also do not promise that your web site will be indexed by a search engine.

Thus, you must followup thoroughly after you submit your web site to search engines using these services and check if the site has indeed been indexed by the engines.

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Automatic search engine submissions services – How do they work?

The automatic search engine submission services first collect all the information required for submission by the search engines and then pass these as parameters to the submission forms. So, before submission, you would be asked to enter a list of keywords for the web site, the web site description, a short title etc.

How many search engines should you submit to using the free search engine submission services?

You can submit to any number of different search engines and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of these on the web. However, you should remember that only a few are used by netsurfers. These major search engines are the ones that will get the maximum number of visitors to your web site – more than 80% of all search engine traffic. Be sure you don’t leave out any of the major search engines! The list of major search engines includes web directories too and I advise you submit to these directories manually.







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