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April Fool’s Day: 1 April

April Fool's Day - 1 April

A day of playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes – the 1st of April!

Google, the world’s most popular search engine is notorious for their pranks. In fact, when they launched Gmail with 1 GB on this day in 2004, most people thought it was a joke because the competition at that time, Hotmail and Yahoo in particular, was offering 200 times lesser storage space! You can find a list of pranks Google has played on April Fools Day at Wikipedia.

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As far as we know, April Fool’s Day was first mentioned in The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer and has been celebrated for years.

“Haters gonna hate” and let them not bother you. Go ahead and prank someone though make sure everyone, including the victim, has a hearty laugh when it’s all over.

Some prank ideas for April Fools’ Day

  • Cover your co-worker’s keyboard and monitor with cling wrap. Cheap thrills.
  • The Jell-O trick is funny though a bit messy. Was hilarious when Gareth finds his stapler “preserved” in Jell-O by Tim (we suppose) in The Office (UK).

    He put my stapler inside a jelly again - Gareth in the Office UK

    Image Source: YouTube Video

  • Assuming they use Google Chrome (they should!) change their default browser to Safari on Mac or Internet Explorer on Windows.
  • Set up the home page on their browser to a page that displays a unsettling message. May we propose – “Your computer has been infected with a virus”? Provide a link that offers a solution which just loops to the same page. Adding a timer is great for creating panic.
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