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The incredible story of Apple and the iPhone [Infographic]

The incredible story of Apple and the iPhone [Infographic]

The Apple iPhone was launched on the 29th of June 2007 and in these five years, 218 million units have been sold. That’s one great success story! It’s hard to imagine that this ‘simple’ (?) cell phone brought about so much change not only to its maker but to the world as a whole.

Sales from the iPhone have catapulted Apple to the top of the pack. The company replaced Exxon as the world’s leader (Source, 25th Jan 2012). In fact, revenues from the Apple iPhone are more than some of the largest companies in the United States. Apple’s market capitalisation has increased more than 5 times since the launch of the iPhone. Isn’t it surprising that the small nifty device which I hold in my hand turned Apple into a giant?

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Infographic: The Apple iPhone success story in the last 5 years

Image Source: http://visual.ly/iphone-turns-5

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