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Free antiphishing toolbars from Netcraft and Yahoo!

Free antiphishing toolbars from Netcraft and Yahoo!

Netcraft is an Internet services company located in the United Kingdom and is devoted to tracking online technology. It is best known for the surveys it conducts on web servers and hosting providers. To know more about these surveys, please visit the Netcraft web site.

Additionally, Netcraft has actively taken up the sole of patrolling the cyberspace to sniff out phishing emails. The antiphising toolbar from Netcraft not only protects you and your savings from phishing attacks but also lets you check the hosting location and Risk Rating of every site you visit. Once you download and install the toolbar, you join a giant neighbourhood watch scheme whose most alert and most expert members defend everyone in the community against phishing frauds. This antiphishing group working to protect you is one of the finest ways to fight phishing.

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Phishing emails – Identifying and reporting

You too can play an active role in the fight against phishing. As I mentioned, the Netcraft antiphishing toolbar is a joint effort of several people who form an antiphishing group. Once someone in the community identifies and reports a target web address, it is blocked for all members. This combined community effort helps make the web a safer place for you to browse.

If you want to know why a group of individuals helps “fish” out phishing scams, you need to understand that such fraudulent emails and web sites can be judged best by the human mind because the attacks stem from evil brains. The best way to fight against phishing is to form a group who can work together for the benefit of all.

The Netcraft antiphishing toolbar captures suspicious looking URLs that contain characters that might deceive you. In most phishing attacks, attempts are made to hide the actual URL of the web site from view. This can be done by removing the navigational controls of the browser window. The Netcraft antiphishing toolbar forces the display of browser navigational controls such as the tool and address bars in all windows. The toolbar also displays clearly the hosting location, including country, of the URL so that you can identify fraudulent web sites quickly.

The antiphishing toolbar is available for download and installation for the two popular browsers – Internet Explorer and Firefox. So become a part of the Internet community that defends surfers from fraudsters. Download the Antiphishing toolbar from Netcraft – http://toolbar.netcraft.com/.

Other antiphishing toolbars

The Yahoo! toolbar also has features to protect you against Paypal and eBay account frauds. And if you love shopping on eBay.com or Half.com, the toolbar lets you search directly on those web sites.
The eBay toolbar is available at http://pages.ebay.com/ebay_toolbar/

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