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Alternate way to check Yahoo mail

Alternate way to check Yahoo mail

As you would be aware, to check Yahoo email message you need a web browser and a live internet connection. You point the browser to the Yahoo! Mail login page, enter the username and password and gain access to the account. This is what is known as web-based email service.

The interface (and there are two from Yahoo) loads in the browser window and lets you work your way around the account – composing messages, sending, replying and managing and organizing the emails. But there is a better (and cooler!) option. This alternate way to check Yahoo mail not only gives you access to the account but also lets you download and store messages on your computer.

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Free and Plus Yahoo! Mail accounts

There are two types of email accounts provided by the company. The free account which most of us use and the Plus upgrade which costs a little less than $20 annually. The most important difference between the two is the support for POP3 email protocol which is enabled on Plus. With POP3 access you can setup the Yahoo account in any email program (such as Outlook Express) and download messages to your computer. Since the emails now reside on your computer, you no longer need an internet connection just to check old mail on Yahoo; a net connection is required only for downloading new messages.

Zimbra desktop – a great alternate way to check Yahoo

Zimbra desktop is a free email program from Yahoo through which you can download email from both the Plus and free Yahoo email accounts. Thus, the best alternate way to check Yahoo mail is via its own email client. Here is what you should do – these directions are for users of both free and Plus account.

Free Yahoo accounts can be checked via Zimbra

  • Download and install Zimbra desktop free Yahoo email program.
  • Configure your Yahoo email account.
  • Download and store the messages on your computer and check them at your leisure.

Plus Yahoo account users

The Plus Yahoo account users have many more alternatives because they can use any email client – Outlook Express, Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail etc. They can also try out Zimbra Desktop because it’s a really nifty program.

  • Install Zimbra or use your favourite email program.
  • Configure and setup your Yahoo email account. For example, refer Yahoo on Outlook Express for details.
  • Let the program connect to the Yahoo server and download and save the messages on your computer which you can check anytime.

YPOPs – free POP access to Yahoo email account

YPOPs is open source software that works as a gateway through which you connect to your Yahoo email account using an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. The program provides a POP3 server and a HTTP client (browser) interface at the ends of the email client and the yahoo account, respectively. Users of Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail can also take advantage of accessing Yahoo accounts via YPOPs. But there are several problems in getting this small program to work… sometimes it does and other times it just fails!

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