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In their new operating system, Microsoft has taken great efforts to increase the ease of use. The Aero feature introduced in Windows Vista has been extended and includes some really cool functionality that will help you navigate quickly when you have multiple windows opened and want to quickly access the window of choice. The new Windows 7 features Aero Peek, Aero Snap and Aero Shake and the best way to check them out is via videos.

Aero Peek

Aero Peek in Windows 7 lets you peek at the different application windows you’ve started. In Windows Vista, when you mouse over a tab of a window in the taskbar, a thumbnail is displayed to show you the contents; Windows 7 takes it to a higher level. Not only are the thumbnails larger in the new operating system but each has its close button too. Moving the mouse cursor over a thumbnail will show the active window and hide the rest.

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Since the show desktop icon is missing in Windows 7, a similar utility can be found via the “glassy” icon on the right of the system tray. Hit this icon and all the open windows will become transparent – only their outlines will be shown. Note: Open windows are not minimized; they are only made transparent to reveal the desktop, so this Aero Peek functionality is more like a Desktop Preview feature.
Aero Peek video

Aero Shake

You’ll love this one. Let’s say you have many open windows. To pay attention to only one and not be distracted by others, simply move the mouse cursor over the window title bar and shake it once. All other windows will minimize. Shake it once again and you restore all windows. A simple and effective way to help the user focus attention and get some serious work done (oh yeah!).
Youtube video of Aero shake.

Aero Snap

Not as useful as the above two but people who like to first maximize the application window before working on it will find it helpful. Hold a window by its title bar and drag it to the top edge of the desktop. The window will “snap” and fill the screen area. This cool maximizing feature also works when the window is dragged to the left or right edges but now only the window’s height will maximized.

Download Aero Peek for Windows Vista and XP

Aero Peek on Windows Vista and Windows XP can be emulated via third party applications. Please refer that link for further information on how to download the Aero Peek for these operating systems.

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