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Why is the Advanced tab missing from email account properties?

Why is the Advanced tab missing from email account properties?

I was following your instructions on how to keep a copy of email on the server but I find the ‘Advanced’ tab missing. Can you help me?

This post addresses the concern of Windows Live Hotmail users who find the Advanced tab missing from the account properties when they set up the email in the default Windows client.

By default, a Hotmail account is configured on free Microsoft email programs – Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail – using the DeltaSynch (previously, DAV) email protocol which ensures that the online account is kept synchronized with the one on your computer.

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The ‘Advanced’ tab is missing for the Hotmail account set up on Windows Live Mail because it is not required. To get this functionality and leave a copy of the message on the server you need to use POP (Post Office Protocol).

Ever since free POP access has been allowed on Hotmail, all free and paid accounts can be configured on popular email programs using this protocol.

Get the Advanced tab by setting up Hotmail using POP

POP or POP3 is a popular email protocol used by most services including Gmail, AOL and Yahoo (upgrade to Yahoo! Plus to get this feature). One simply need the login information (username and password) and the Hotmail POP settings to add and configure an account in the chosen email program. Please refer the links below:

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