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Adobe PhotoShop – image editing program

Adobe PhotoShop - image editing program

Adobe SoftwareAdobe has been in the business of graphics, image and fonts for a long, long time. They not only have products for image and graphics, but also for typography, fonts and desktop design. Two of their very famous products are Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator. Each has a loyal following the world over. Though, a tad expensive than others, these software are considered industry standards.

Adobe PhotoShopPhotoShop is one program that has beaten all the others in terms of popularity. It started of as a image editing and manipulation tool with its awesome array of filters. The latest releases have good web graphics capabilities, providing various options when saving gifs and jpegs. Since, PhotoShop is regarded as a kind of industry standard, many third parties have developed hundreds of filters (plugins) for the software. Filters such as Extensis Phototools, Eyecandy, Xenofex, Blade Pro, Ulead, Rubberman etc. have extended the power of this wonderful program.

Some of my dabbling in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe PhotoShop creation

Adobe PhotoShop creation

Adobe IllustratorThis is a vector graphics program and allows you to create images from scratch. It is a great program for creating logos, cartoons and even complicated images.

Adobe LiveMotionLiveMotion is more suited for creating animations and motion files for online as well as offline content. It integrates well with other Adobe software.


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