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How do I add music on Blogger?

How do I add music on Blogger?

The free service, iLike.com, lets you add music to Blogger, Typepad, in fact, any type of web site. You first choose songs, create a playlist, get the code snippet and include it on a web page. For Blogger, you don’t even need to mess with the HTML code. Just create a playlist and then hit the Add to Blogger button; yes, it’s that simple.

What is iLike.com?

iLike.com is a free service that lets you create playlists of songs you want and share them with friends. Additionally, you can download free MP3 song files from new artists, learn about concerts, watch videos uploaded by artists and much more. The community run web site lets you follow changing music tastes and access popular songs. The service is in beta at the time of writing.

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Create a playlist of songs and add it to your blog

Though there is a glaring orange signup button when you go to iLike homepage, you actually don’t need to register for an account just to create a playlist of songs. Point your browser to embeddable playlist page (click that link). You can now start creating the playlist – follow the five steps outlined in the image below.

5 steps to creating a songs playlist on iLike.com and adding music to your Blogger blog page

  • Step 1: Enter a name for the playlist – this can be anything you want. A descriptive name is recommended.
  • Step 2: Search for a song by either entering an artist or the song name in the search field.
  • Step 3: Search results will be listed. I recommend trying to locate a song by its name because if the search is performed on the artist’s name, only 10 results will be displayed and the song you are looking for might not be shown. Click on the “Add” button to include the song in the playlist.
  • Step 4: Organize your playlist. You can also reorder the song listing by either entering a new order number or using the conveniently provided arrow buttons. To delete a song from the list simply hit the “Delete” (the one with the cross) button.
  • Step 5: Click on the large “Done” button when you are satisfied with the playlist and are ready to add it to blogger.

The next page shows you how the playlist is going to look on a web page – on Blogger, as we shall see, the playlist is added as a widget which you can place at different positions on the web page. You also get the direct link (the URL) of you playlist on iLike.com website. With a single click you can also put the list on your Facebook profile page or tweet it on Twitter (where else?). You don’t need to fiddle around with the HTML code if you just want to include the playlist on Blogger.

Add the music playlist to blogger

Click on the large “Add to Blogger” button in the middle of the page. A new browser window shall open in which you need to enter your blogger username and password. You will now find yourself in the Layout -> Page elements page. Place the playlist in the blog as you want and save the changes. Note: it’s added as a widget. Review your blog and tell everyone about it.

I chose some famous and splendid arias from different operas (OK, not all are arias) – take a look at my playlist at Opera and let me know when you create one.

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