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Want to display the days left for your wedding or the new year? Here are some of the best online services that offer free countdown timer clocks that you can add on your web site in a couple of minutes. Most of these are also highly configurable allowing you to choose colors to match the site or even add your company logo.

Here is a rather depressing countdown timer clock – the days left for the end of the world as per the Mayan calendar. The time on the right comes from

Mayan Calendar

Good for us though. The Mayan “end of the world” date has passed!

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FreeFlashToys.comAdd a name for your event, specify the date, customize the colors, choose a background image (from hundreds!) and get the code for the countdown timer. offers quick customization options for the countdown timer. Copy and paste the code to add the Flash clock on your web page.
Free countdown timer clock with your own logo from CountdownrYou can customize the Flash based countdown timer clock from Countdownr by including a logo or any other image which you seem fit. You can even have a audio file played with the timer ends – how about ‘BOOM’ for the end of days? The timer can also be linked to another web page – find it below.

Digital countdown timer clock from crazyProfile.comThe countdown timer clock from has been displayed above; yes, that gloomy tick-tick of our impending doom before we go boom (Rhyming fail!). Actually, I’ve customized it a bit by adding that Mayan Calendar to the left.

7is7A simple timer clock ideally suited for a sidebar on a web site. Can be customized a great deal if you know HTML.

Google Gadgets
Google GadgetsFind tens of countdown timer clock on Google Gadgets web site.

Customized countdown timer clock

Below is another countdown clock for the end of the world. Note how I’ve customized the timer by including an image.

But I’m not going to leave you feeling all sad…

How can the world end in 2012 - Yahoo Answers

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