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How do I access my computer from another when on holiday, vacation or travel?

How do I access my computer from another when on holiday, vacation or travel?

Not all of us take our laptops when we go on vacation or holiday to that exotic location. However, work seldom stops. You might face a stressful situation when it is imperative to access your computer or laptop that’s lying in the home or office. The easy solution is to use remote access software applications.

These let you connect to your computer from another system and check email, download files, run programs etc. – it’s quite like working on your computer. Such remote access software can be installed in a few minutes and are very simple to use.

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Logmein remote access software - connect to your computer from any other machineLogMeIn provides different solutions; the most popular is the LogMeIn Pro that lets you access your computer over a secure connection. You can connect to both Windows and Mac machines from any other computer. However, you do need to download the software and install it on the local system and make sure that the remote computer is running – if not, ask someone to switch it on.
LogMeIn Pro – remote access to computer

GoToMyPC software for accessing your computer from anywhereOnce you download GOTOMYPC software, install it on your computer and create an account, your system would be available from any computer anywhere in the world. All you need to do it log in at your account in the gotomypc.com web site and start working on your computer as if it were before you!

NetChain – Access My Computer
 Accessmycomputer program from Netchain communicationsAccess My Computer from NetChain communications offers a small and inexpensive software suite. There are three programs, two of which need to be installed on your own computer. The third is the viewer application which you shall use to access your computer.
AccessMyComputer web site

BeInSync available for download from the cnet web site is a smallish application that can be used for “accessing, sharing and protecting your data”. You can remotely access email and files because the program keeps them on secure online servers which are then available through a web browser.
Download BeInSync

By the way, if you are a frequent traveller and need to access your computer often, I suggest you keep a backup of all important files in an online storage service such as Mozy.com. This way you can get hold of important information from anywhere… even your cellphone!

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