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How do I access Comcast email account from another computer?

How do I access Comcast email account from another computer?

You can get Comcast email on another computer either through webmail or an email program. The former is the easier option and enables you to quickly check the account from any computer as long as it is connected to the Internet.

How to use Comcast webmail on another computer?

The simple way to access Comcast email messages on another computer is via webmail or web-based email. Simply launch a web browser and point it to the Comcast login page; sign in at your account with the username and password.

Access Comcast email from another computer - webmail login page

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Note #1: To keep your email account private and secure, do not check “Keep me signed in“. This is especially true when accessing the account from a public computer such as one in an Internet cafe or a library.

Note #2: The other computer might not have your favourite web browser or the version you are accustomed to. However, it will have Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera! Do not be flustered as this is a very minor issue because Comcast webmail interface will work on all popular web browsers.

Tips on using an email program to get Comcast email on another computer

Though your email account can be set up on popular email programs using the POP (Post Office Protocol) email protocol, there are many issues associated with this method of accessing Comcast email from another computer. However, if this is the path you want to tread on, keep in mind the following:

  • The other computer might not have the email program you are used to.
  • You need the incoming and outgoing mail servers to set up the Comcast email account.
  • There may be a problem in sending email from the Comcast account you’ve configured on another computer. This happens when the ISP prevents the usage of an alternate SMTP address/port. Please contact the service provider to solve the issue. Alternatively, you need to authenticate the outgoing mail (SMTP) Comcast server and use port 587.
  • Very important: By default, an email account set up using POP will delete the messages from the server after downloading. Remember to leave a copy of the message on the server. You need to change the settings in the email client.
  • Once your work is complete on the other computer, remove the Comcast email account you had set up and also get rid of all the downloaded email messages.

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