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I have learnt web development through a several books, countless online articles and group discussions on the web and here I present tutorials on a few languages and technologies you will surely find helpful in your web development career. These free online web development tutorials have been written keeping in mind the beginner. Thus, you do not need any programming background, though it is assumed that you know how to work at a very basic level on the computer.

What is required to learn the free online web development tutorials?

You'll (obviously) need a computer to practice the code presented in the tutorials.
A little determination, if you are a complete beginnner. Web development is quite easy to pick up (trust me!) and a little determination will always help!
You also need relevant software. For example, you'll need a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape and a text editing software (NotePad under Windows) for HTML and JavaScript tutorials. The SQL tutorial is based on MySQL and thus you would require the MySQL package (free). Flash is a technology originally developed by Macromedia and now owned by

Basic HTML Tutorial

Advanced HTML Tutorial

Free Online JavaScript Tutorial

Free SQL Tutorial

Free Flash Tutorial

Advanced Flash Tutorial

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Page contents: List of free web development tutorials and online free web development course on HTML, advanced HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Flash, advanced Flash and MySQL.

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