Flash tutorial - Scroll Menu

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Click to view a scroll menu created using Flash - Flash scrollbar tutorial

Download the .fla file

Important points

  • The movie consists of four frames. Each frame has a 'Stop' action attached to it. Actions for the main movie are placed on a separate layer which is a good habit since it differentiates the content (graphic, movie or button) from the actions.
  • Buttons are created employing Graphic symbols. The symbol used in the 'Over' frame is different from those used in 'Up' frame to provide a mouse-over effect.
  • For buttons, the actions should only be attached to their instances. Therefore, you have to drag the button from the library (thus creating an instance of the button) and then change the instance properties through Modify - Instance. Click on the Actions tab and assign the actions. Flash will ignore any actions placed directly on button frames (Up, Over, Down or Hit).
  • The 'Up' button in the first frame and the 'Down' button on the last frame do not have any actions associated with them.
  • The position of 'scroll' is changed over frames.

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