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How do I remove image border?

How do I remove image border?

Before I tell you how to remove border from an image, let us first ascertain how the border has been added to the image. Is it a part of the image or has the border been added to the image on a web page using HTML code? These two types of border are different and to delete the borders you have to follow different steps.

By the way, an image that appears on a web page can also get a border through HTML code. In fact, in such scenarios the image can have two borders – one which is a part of the image and the other that is added using HTML. Sounds confusing? Read on.

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Is the border a part of the image?

Images placed on web pages can be made to have border through HTML (HyperText Markup Language) or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This means that even though the image itself doesn’t have a border, it can be added with programming code. There are two ways to determine whether the border is a part of the image shown on a web page . The first is to download the image from the web page and open it in an image viewer or an image editor. The second is to check the HTML or CSS code. In this article we shall look at removing image border that is a part of the graphic. To delete border from image displayed on web page, please read the corresponding article for details.

Remove border from image with an image editor

For borders that are a part of the image, the only way to get rid of them is through an graphics editor. There are so many types of image editing programs that covering all of them in one article is not possible. So I would be restricting the discussion to MS Paint, the free image program that comes with the Windows operating system and, Adobe Photoshop, the most famous graphic editor in the world.

However, the logic that we shall follow can be applied to any image program you may have. All we need to do is crop the dimensions to remove the border around the image. Any graphics editor, including the humble MS Paint, has a crop feature which lets you specify or select the image area you want to retain, discarding the rest. Thus, to delete the border of an image, all we need to do is select an area without it to end up with an image with the border removed.

Delete the image border using MS Paint

MS Paint free graphics editor comes with the Windows operating system. It can be found under the Programs -> Accessories list. Start this program and load the image. With the Select tool, drag a selection in the image leaving the border outside of this selection and then choose “Image” -> “Crop” option. You’ll get the image without the border – check image below. To precisely know which image area you are selecting, keep an eye on the x and y coordinates displayed close to the bottom right.

How to remove a border from an image using MS Paint

Remove image border using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has a dedicated crop tool. Use it to select the part of the image without the border and then choose “Image” -> “Crop” option – a screenshot is displayed below.

Remove the image border in Photoshop through the Crop tool

Another way to get rid of the image border using Photoshop is with the “Image” -> “Canvas Size” option. Enter new values which would be smaller than the present image dimensions and make sure you center the image.

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