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Outlook Express and HTML

Outlook Express and HTML

I am sure the occasional user would not know of this – Outlook Express has a HTML editor built in the program. Though it’s pretty basic, it is still sufficient for most needs such as creating email stationery and fancy email signatures.

If you are not familiar with HTML, I don’t think this article would interest you. Though, I do suggest you learn HTML, if you are even remotely interested in creating a web site. HTML is the language in which one writes web pages and consists of tags. These tags are like instructions for structuring (and formatting) web pages. This web site has a basic HTML tutorial and an advanced HTML tutorial written primarily for the beginner and assumes no prior programming knowledge.

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An important note: Outlook Express allows you to send and receive emails in HTML format. You can change these settings via “Tools” > “Options”. Thus, to send emails in HTML format, look under the Send tab and make sure the HTML radio button under the “Mail Sending Format” is checked – refer image below. By the way, the Outlook Express HTML editor is available only when this option is active.

Making sure you can send emails in HTML format with Outlook Express

How to locate and open Outlook Express HTML editor?

The HTML editor of Outlook Express is displayed when you select the “Source Edit” option under the “View” menu of the New Message window – refer image below.

Displaying the Outlook Express HTML editor

The moment you select this option, three tabs will appear at the bottom of the window (refer image below). You might not believe this but the first one – “Edit” – is a WYSIWYG editor and I guess it’s the simplest one you will come across. The second one, “Source”, is what would interest any HTML coder. Here you can enter the code you want and check it out under the third – “Preview” – tab. FYI, Outlook Express puts the HTML code of a simple template in the “Source” tab.

The three tabs of the Outlook Express HTML editor

So if you know HTML, you would be able to create fancy email signatures and email stationery with the help of this simple HTML editor in Outlook Express. For instance, you can write the code for an email signature, save it in HTML format and import this file that can be sent along with all your emails.

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