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MySQL database introduction

MySQL database introduction

The MySQL database package consists of the following:

  • The MySQL server: This is the heart of MySQL. You can consider it a program that stores and manages your databases.
  • MySQL client programs: MySQL comes with many client programs. The one with which we’ll be dealing a lot is called mysql (note: smallcaps). This provides an interface through which you can issue SQL statements and have the results displayed.
  • MySQL client Library: This can help you in writing client programs in C. (We won’t be taking about this in our tutorial).

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The difference between MySQL and mysql

MySQL is used to refer to the entire MySQL distribution package or the MySQL server, while mysql refers to a client program.

Why have client and server programs?

The server and client programs are different entities. Thus, you can use client programs on your system to access data on a MySQL server running on another computer. (Note: you would need appropriate permissions for this. Consult the system administrator of the remote machine.)
Dividing the package into a server and clients separates the actual data from the interface.

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