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HTML free tutorial – Embedding Video

HTML free tutorial - Embedding Video

Video files can be easily included in your pages using the <EMBED> tag.

<EMBED SRC="mymovie.mov" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="100" 

Click here to see a small movie (59Kb) in a new window.

Important attributes of EMBED tag

  • SRC: This is a required attribute and takes the video movie URL as its value.
  • WIDTH and HEIGHT: Required attributes. They specify the dimensions in pixel values.
  • AUTOPLAY: Its value can be either TRUE, movie plays when page loads, or FALSE, which waits for the user to click the play button.
  • LOOP: Setting this to TRUE will play the movie continuously. A FALSE value will play the movie only once. PALINDROME causes the movies to play through and then play in reverse and loop infinitely.
  • CONTROLLER: Displays controls. Can be set to TRUE or FALSE.

Internet Explorer specific
An Internet Explorer specific attribute for inclusion of video to pages is DYNSRC. It works through the <IMG> tag as

<IMG DYNSRC="mymovie.mov" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="100">

Associated attributes of DYNSRC
In addition to HSPACE, VSPACE and ALIGN, DYNSRC has some special attributes associated with it to offer better control of the video display.

  • LOOP: takes a number as value which determines the number of times the video file should play. It can also take INFINITE as value.
  • CONTROLS: Adds controls
  • START: Specifies when to play the movie. If set to FILEOPEN, the movie plays as soon as its downloaded. When set to MOUSEOVER, the movie will play when the mouse pointer is taken over the movie space. You can also use both these values separated by a comma. This plays the movie once when its downloaded and again every time the cursor is dragged over the movie.

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