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Part 1 – Good Site Navigation

Part 1 - Good Site Navigation

The Internet has brought unconventional design. For example, we associate the main icons of a web site to be placed on the left, though in books we use the right side to turn pages.

Placing icons stacked neatly on the left side has become a kind of standard on the web. A row of icons (usually at the top) is also frequently used in web design, but, somehow, most web developers prefer positioning icons to the left.

What does this mean to you? Keep your web site simple employing good navigational and visual guides for your visitors. Do not try out new kind of design if your audience is not ready to accept the changes. Yes, web site design and complexity, depends a lot on the audience you expect. Design accordingly.

Many developers give an added emphasis to their left row of icons by embellishing them with subtle lines, background colors etc. All this is fine as long as the audience is kept in mind.

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