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Finding the number of seconds and milliseconds

Find the number of seconds and milliseconds in Javascript

Format #9: Finding the number of seconds and milliseconds

getSeconds() and getMilliseconds() return the seconds and milliseconds values.

<script type="text/javascript">

var d = new Date();
var curr_hour = d.getHours();
var curr_min = d.getMinutes();

var curr_sec = d.getSeconds();
var curr_msec = d.getMilliseconds();

document.write(curr_hour + ":" + curr_min + ":" 
+ curr_sec + ":" + curr_msec);



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Format #10: GMT Time

Each of the methods discussed so far calculates time on the client-side (browser). JavaScript also supplies us, similar methods for finding the GMT (called the Universal Coordinated Time or UTC).

  • getUTCDate(): Date
  • getUTCMonth(): Month
  • getUTCFullYear(): Year (4 digit)
  • getUTCDay(): Day
  • getUTCHours(): Hours
  • getUTCMinutes(): Minutes
  • getUTCSeconds(): Seconds
  • getUTCMilliseconds(): Milliseconds

You can use these methods to find the GMT and format it based on scripts discussed before.

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