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Browse – Browser – Browsest

Browse, Browser, Browsest

Adapted from Someblogsite.com, here is my take on “Browse – Browser – Browsest”. All credit to Some Guy for this original play on words.

Browse - Browser - Browsest: A new ranking order for popular web browsers

Google Chrome may be the fastest web browser and Internet Explorer may have the maximum number of users, but Opera remains the most popular browser based on the results of a poll I conducted and my subsequent tongue-in-cheek analysis.

Browse, Browser and Browsest

The company web site proudly displays the number of Opera users around the world – 170 million, at the time of writing. Before you go ‘WOW’, remember that’s just a tiny fraction of the total web surfers. The percentage of people using Opera is still in the lower single digits! And that 170 million figure consists of both desktop and mobile users. In fact, as per the latest Opera usage stats, more people employ Opera Mini than the desktop version!

Even so, Opera remains the “Browsest” of the browers beating Firefox and, my personal favorite, Google Chrome.


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