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I originally checked the box “Remember my password”. I now want to sign in with my password each time for security/privacy reasons. I cannot find out how to un-check this feature. Can you advise me how to do this? Thank you,
John Moss

The Hotmail “Remember my password” feature offers the convenience of not having to enter your password each time you want to check email on this service. However, I have always believed this to be a double-edged sword. Though it saves time and the trouble of recalling and typing in the password, you might just forget the login information in a few days!

Disable “Remember my password” in Hotmail – enter your password to sign in each time

FYI, all the three best email services use an equivalent feature… and they also suggest not to use it on public computers such as those in libraries and internet cafes. If you haven’t thought much about security till now, it’s time you were a little more careful because in the event of password loss or account hack, you would be the one who suffers. Anyway, here is how to undo the “Remember my password” feature so that you are forced to enter the Hotmail password each time you want to login.

How to enter your Hotmail password each time you want to login
If you have logged in at Hotmail with the “Remember my password” checked, you will be shown the email ID the next time you open the web site… even when you have signed out of the account – refer figure above. There are two ways to disable this functionality so that you can enter the Hotmail password from next time.

  • Sign in at Hotmail with a email account by click that link or Forget me
    Click on “Forget me” or “Sign in with a different account” link. But you should sign out first!
  • Delete web browser cookies

FYI, the Hotmail password and ID information are stored in a web browser cookie when you check the “Remember my password” feature. Cookies are small files created by the web server and in case of Hotmail email service, help to recall earlier visits, preferences etc.

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