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Beautiful seamless web page backgrounds

Beautiful seamless web page backgrounds

The seamless web page background your created in the last tip (Creating seamless background images) was quite drab. Now we shall put a little color to it to make it that “beautiful seamless web page background”!

Step 1

Open the file in Paint Shop Pro.

Step 2

Click on Color – Colorize…. The Colorize window pops up.

Colorize pop-up window

Step 3

Choose the settings for Hue and Saturation. Saturation affects the amount of color in the image while hue lets you pick a color.
Experiment till you get the desired result.

Step 4

Decrease the color depth in the image … click Color – Decrease color depth and select 16 colors (4 bit). Alternatively, you can use the keys SHIFT-CONTROL + F2.

Blue colored background

Step 5

I set Hue at 150 and saturation at 34 to get a blue color. Check the background here.

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