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A theme for your site

A theme for your site

The Internet has unleashed the designer in many of us, but don’t forget to follow certain thumb rules. For example, try to keep a consistent theme for your site so that a visitor on any page knows that he is still on your site.

Developing congruent pages should not restrain your creativity. Uniformity can be achieved with coherent graphics, icons, font size, colors, font face and general page layout.

Make sure that you use compatible colors across your pages. Using the same or similar background images can bring consistency.

Sites such as Webdevelopersnotes.com are mainly visited for their content. Hence a simple layout was applied giving more emphasis on the information content.

Here are a few tips that should help you in designing consistent pages.

  • Use the same page layout. Don’t change the layout unless you have to.
  • Try to use similar colors or background images
  • Use a uniform font face for your pages
  • Use similar or the same icons. Never change the shape of icons.
  • Try to use some visual guide
  • When using multiple colors, try to employ compatible shades or hues.

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